Original punches cut by Rosart © Walda Verbaenen. (Collection Enschedé, Noord-Hollands Archief, Haarlem).


Typographical international research project without rivalry.

The Rosart Project was (and is still in ongoing process) a great research journey with an international group of Typedesigners.

Students of the Expert Class Type Design worked in 2014-2015 at the Plantin Institute for Typography in Antwerp, Belgium (under the guidance of dr. Frank E. Blokland) on a type revival of the Belgian punch cutter J.F. Rosart.

Three alumni (Lukas Schneider, Michel Paré and Walda Verbaenen) continued this project from 2015 till 2020, and expanded it to a huge amount of typefaces by Rosart, called the Rosart project. They combined their strength and knowledge into this research.

Thanks to the willingness of the Museum Plantin Moretus in Antwerp (Belgium) and the Collection Enschedé at the Noord Hollands Archief in Haarlem (Netherlands) they could dive into the historical archives. It gave a lot of inside information, and a lot of beautiful pictures of the historical material, printing proofs, punches and matrices.

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